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Chino Hills Thunder Organization
Your name?  Edward Yarc
Your position?  President/Founder
When did you start the Chino Hills Thunder Organization?  December 2009 - Goal was to only play in one tournament as one team, now look at it...
What inspired you to start Chino Hills Thunder?    What inspired me was the unfortunate politics and shambles that most travel teams were in at that time. After I seen that many great young ball players were left out, I thought to myself why? The main reason was politics but I decided to bring in some great kids and provide them with an environment that they could excel in and also an opportunity to play in a competitive atmosphere. I've heard many horror stories about travel ball as do many but I was determined that they were false and it would be much easier then people stated.
What is your goal for the organization?    The goal for the CHTB organization is to provide a stable, politic free environment for young competitive players and great families.  Also to run a travel organization without paying monthly dues.  So far so good...
What is your coaching experience?  6 years  
What are some of your duties as President?    The duties are to completely oversee the entire operation and make major decisions along with our board to better our organization each and every year.
How many teams do you have in the organization?    5 - 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U & 10U
                  7U Team 
What team do you manage?   7U
Where do you practice?  Chino Hills
Do you practice as one big team or are all the individual teams independent of each other?    Every division practices separately for the most part.
What do you do for fund raising?    CHTB has many fundraisers to minimize the expenses of travel-ball. Activities such as: Hosting baseball tournaments, golf tournaments, Turn-around trips & sales are a few.
What would you say your player fall out rate is?  15% last season
Do you attend other ages practices ever? Yes 
How did you choose your managers and coaches for each age group.  Mainly through the local baseball community & lengthy friendships
Do you think most of the parents are generally happy?   Yes, but you can never please everyone but we do whats best for the team and players, Kids first...                                                         9U Team
Do you think you can keep most of your players until they are at least 12?    That's the goal but time will tell...
Do you do any type of conditioning with the kids besides the usual stuff of running at practice?       Yes, we are currently partnering with a former NFL player's speed & conditioning program.
If a tournament costs 600 bucks and you have 10 players, does each player pay $60 or do the sponsors and fundraising efforts bring the cost down?     Fundraising and team/organization generated funds is our first choice but if not available the players equally pay for the tournament fee.
Describe a routine practice for the 7U group.    It all depends but what works for the 7U team is a weekly fielding & bullpen practice along with a hitting practice so practices are typically twice a week.
With that said, do you ask the other teams to practice somewhat like you do or do they all have different philosophies of practice?    Each team has different philosophies but all of our goals are to position our players to succeed and not fail.
Are any of the teams going to travel out of state or more than 100 miles away to play a game?       Yes, all teams are planing on attending out of state tournaments or more then a 100 miles away this year such as Arizona and Lake Tahoe.
You said you had a board.  What positions do you have on the board?   Name them.  CHTB has a President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer along with business managers for all 5 teams that are apart of the organization.
What is your favorite tournament organization to play for and why?  (you don't have to answer if you don't want to).    CHTB I would have to say... Our tournaments are our favorite but after that it would be TBL for my choice. Great people, accommodations & competition.
Who is your favorite baseball team?   Dodgers
Greatest player of all time in your opinion.   Of course they will have to be Dodger players, with that said Sandy Koufax & Mike Piazza. I also have to mention Gibby, Kirk Gibson #23 rounding the bags with the fist pump in 88...
If baseball was never invented, what would you do with all your time?    Be on the river or lake every weekend instead of baseball tourneys.
Okay, the hard one.  Can you list all the championships each age group has won in the 2013 season? 
6U (7 for 7) -
Hustle for hope 10/20/2012
TBL Halloween Bash 10/28/2012
TBL Thanksgiving 11/25/2012
TBL Jingle Bells 12/9/2012
Hardcore Winter Championships 1/6/2013
So Cal Outlaws Bang Bang 1/13/2013
TBL MLK Super NIT 1/21/213
                                                                                          6U Team
7U (3 for 4) -                                                                                          39-1, 9 straight titles
Pico Pride "Where Dreams Begin" 1/6/2013
So Cal Outlaws Bang Bang 1/13/2013
TBL MLK Super NIT 1/21/2013
8U -
8U is a little banged up with 2 of their 10 players on the injured list still. They have placed 2nd in 3 tournaments this season so far.
9U -
Hardcore Fall Classic 9/30/2012
Just Wanna Play Ball 10/28/2012
California Rays 10U Fundraiser 11/11/2012
Hardcore Toys For Tots 12/10/2012
IE Rough Riders MLK 1/20/2013
10U -
Hardcore Winter Classic 1/13/2013
IE Rough Riders MLK 1/20/2013
Thank you Edward for a great feature.  One thing we know is that 6U team of yours is 29-1 with 7 straight tournament victories.  We are labeling them California's Pound for Pound best travel ball team.  
January 23, 2013