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Chino Hills Storm TournamentHello there folks!  
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Rampage Tournament 
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Bombing one off of high fence in sub division semi final. 10 year old, playing 10/11
*******The mission of this website is to put California travel teams in the spotlight.  I will be writing team features, player features, coach features, parent features, director's features, umpire features...features with gumbo, creole features, feature's linquini and any other type of features,
******More importantly, though, I will publish my the CTBA state rankings based on my special formula and personal attendance at games.   I will rank teams to the best of my ability with the information I can acquire.  I do ask for insight from parents, spectators, coaches, players and whoever wants to add their two cents.  Bottom line, if you want to be ranked, we need to see your exposure.   Due to the high volume of work it will take to honestly and accurately rank teams, CTBA will rank teams beginning Thanksgiving every year.   Please keep scores and bracketing of all your tournaments played in from this day on for the 2013 rankings.   Keep in mind, head to head matchups will be a major factor in the rankings.  If you are playing in some private unpublicized tourney I need to know about it please.................. 
******If you would like to make a small donation to the site, please feel free to hit the Pay Now link below. Happy Baseballing!   Sean